European organization of Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies

The European Organization of Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies is a unique scientific organization that aims to  develop the skills of acquiring scientific knowledge among researchers. It also aims to create opportunities for international knowledge exchange across international conference platforms and scientific journals.

EuRSED is a very active organization. It has established and maintained close relations with other National and foreign organizations with similar or related goals in order to create a network bringing together laboratories and research groups for the sake of creating scientific projects, strengthening exchanges, and spreading knowledge. EuRSED has also organized many study sessions, symposiums, congresses, seminars, round tables, workshops, courses, conferences, internships, and exhibitions for researchers and doctoral students to help them increase their efficiency and develop their skills.

The organization provides important guidance and orientations to Doctoral students through a set of services:

  • Spreading knowledge
  • Setting up scientific workshops related to scientific research.
  • Helping to translate researches into living languages.
  • Providing psychological assistance.

The Scientific Research Organization provides all available communication tools to reach a large amount of researchers. This helps us create one of the largest scientific research families.

Organization Activities

  • Certified doctoral trainings:
    • Scientific writing
    • Work and data organization software.
    • Language trainings (English, Arabic, French …)
    • Communication techniques
  • Improvement of psychological skills to succeed in research.
  • Organization of well-indexed international conferences.
  • Partnership with international journals for all areas of research.
Support and follow up