International Conference on Innovation ”Modern Applied Science in Environmental Studies” – EuRSED

Objectives of the Conference ICIES'2020

If you want to find the next topic for your research, listen to inspiring presentations, share your experience and knowledge with the international community, or expand your network, then ICIES’2020 is the event for you.

The European Organization of Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies (EuRSED)  in collaboration with :

  • Ibn Tofail University, Morocco.
    • IT Department
    • The Doctoral Studies Center
    • The Faculty of Science.
    • The Laboratory of Research in Computer Science and Telecomunication.
  • Mosul University, Iraq.
  • The Cultural Department at the Embassy of Yemen.
  • The Moroccan Association of Scientific Research.

organize the 9th International Conference on ‘Innovation and Modern Applied Science in Environmental Studies’ (ICIES’2020) which will be held on December 25th- 27th, 2020 at the faculty of Science-Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra, Morocco.

The ICIES’9 Conference is an optimal platform for academic communications, exchange of ideas and inspirations between specialists and scholars in the fields of modern applied science and innovation. It will be an international forum for discussions, which aims to present recent advances, latest solutions, and research developments in theoretical and practical aspects. ICIES’9 has been listed on E3S Web of Conferences (ISSN:2267-1242) indexed by Scopus, Google Scholar, CAS, DOAJ, CPCI (Web of Science), EBSCO, ProQuest, Wanfang Data, NASA.

Both Abstract and Full Paper are welcomed

Please submit the abstract only, if you just want to make presentations.

Please submit the full paper, if presentation and publication are both needed.


All accepted (Registered & Presented) full papers of ICIES’2020 will be collected in the conference proceedings, which will be published with E3S Web of Conferences (eISSN: 2267-1242). This is an Open Access publication series dedicated to archiving conference proceedings in all areas related to Environment, Energy and Earth Sciences. The journal also covers the technological and scientific aspects as well as social and economic matters and is indexed by ScopusGoogle ScholarCASDOAJCPCI (Web of Science), EBSCOProQuestWanfang Data, NASA ADS and Crossref.

We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtual of any academic. Hence any act of plagiarism is a totally unacceptable academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated. All papers should be originals, unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Link E3S Web of Conferences


Keynote Speakers

ICIES'2020 Committee

  • Azzeddine EL MIDAOUI, President of Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco. 
  • Azzedine Saeed AL-ASBAHI, Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen. 
  • Mohamed EBN TOUHAMI, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Kenitra – Morocco. 
  • Abdelmajid SOULAYMANI, Director of the doctoral study center, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra-Morocco 
  • Abdellah El Gharad, ex-director of ENSET, Rabat – Morocco.
  • Abdul Hamed AL SELWI, Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of Yemen in Morocco. 
  • Bashar Muneer Yahya, Mosul University, Iraq. 
  • Bilal Salih Alhayani, Yİldiz technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.  
  • Khalid El Bikiri, Director of ENSET (ENSAM) , Rabat – Morocco.
  • Mohamed Larbi KERKEB, Dean of the Polydisciplinary Faculty, Larache – Morocco.
  • Mohamed ZARROU, Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Kenitra – Morocco.
  • Mostafa STITOU, Director of the National School of Applied Science, Tetouan-Morocc

General Chair

  • Jaafar ABOUCHABAKA, Head of Computer Science Department – Faculty of Sciences, Kenitra-Morocco.
  • Youssef FAKHRI, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University,  Kenitra Morocco.

Program Chair

  • Najat RAFALIA, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University,  Kenitra Morocco.
  • Salmane BOUREKKADI, University of Poitiers, Poitiers, France.  

Program Co-chair

  • Aziz BABOUNIA, Ibn Tofail University,  Kenitra Morocco.
  • Samira KHOULJI, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetuan-Morocco.

Organizing Committee

  • Abdelmajid SOULAYMANI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra-Morocco
  • Ahmed MOSLIH, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra-Morocco.
  • Aniss MOUMEN, Ibn Tofail University. Kenitra-Morocco.
  • Bilal AL-Hayani, Yİldiz Technical University, Istanbul-Turkey
  • Khadija SLIMANI, European Organisation of Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies, France.
  • Mohamed AMNAI, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University,  Kenitra-Morocco
  • Noureddine EL MAKHFI, Abdelmalek Essadi University, Al-Hoceima-Morocco
  • Otmane OMARI, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes-Morocco
  • Rafik LASRI, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tetouan-Morocco
  • Siham BOULAKNADEL, IRCAM, Rabat-Morocco
  • Said TKATEK, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra-Morocco

Junior Members of the Organizing Committee

  • Abdulsamad ALHOUSALI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco.
  • Christina STYLIANIDOU, Member of EuRSED, Université européenne de Chypre, Chypre
  • Manar Kessou, Abdelmalek Essadi University, Tetouan, Morocco
  • Zineb Remch, Abdelmalek Essadi University, Tetouan, Morocco
  • Abdelhakim ELMOUWAHIDI, Granada University, Granada – Spain
  • Abdelmajid SOULAYMANI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra-Morocco
  • Ahmed Abodulwahhab Hamad, Yalova University, Turkey
  • Ahmed MOSLIH, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Alaa Hameed, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Turkey
  • Amirrudin KAMSIN, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
  • Amit MITRA, The West of England University, Bristol – UK
  • Aniss MOUMEN, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Aris M. OUKSEL, University of Illinois, Chicago – USA
  • Asmae BENNACEUR, Mohamed First University, Oujda – Morocco
  • Aziz BABOUNIA, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco.
  • Aziz BARHMI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Bashar Muneer Yahya, Mosul University, Ireq.
  • Beatriz GONZALEZ-PEREZ, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid – Spain
  • Bernard DOUSSET, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse – France
  • Bilal Salih Alhayani, Yİldiz technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. 
  • Bochra NASSIH, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes – Morocco
  • Camille SALINESI, Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris – France
  • Colette ROLLAND, Pantheon-Sorbonne University, Paris – France
  • Davy MONTICOLO, Lorraine University, Nancy – France
  • Djaffar OULD ABDESLAM, University of Upper Alsace, Mulhouse – France
  • Driss BENHADDOU, University of Houston, Texas – USA
  • Emilia MENDEZ, Auckland University, Auckland – New Zealand
  • Epaminondas KAPETANIOS, University of Westminster, London – UK
  • Farid MEZIANE, Salford University, Manchester – UK
  • Fatiha SADAT, Quebec University (UQAM), Quebec – Canada
  • Fatimazohra SOSSI ALAOUI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Hatim A. Rashid, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.
  • Ikram LAMKARAF, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tetouan – Morocco
  • Jaafar ABOUCHABAKA, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Jaime Lioret MAURI, University of Valencia, Valencia – Spain
  • Josiane  MOTHE, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse – France
  • Hafida NAIM, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco.
  • Khadija SLIMANI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Khadija LEKDIOUI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Khalid MEFTAH, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Krishnaprasad THIRUNARAYAN, Wright University, Dayton, Ohio – USA
  • Maamar BETTAYEB, University Of Sharjah, Sharjah – UAE
  • Manuel ORTIZ LOPEZ, University of Cordoba, Andalusia – Spain
  • Milin Rane, vishwakarma institute of technology, India
  • Mohamed AMNAI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Mohamed ELKANDILI, Choaib Eddakali University, El Jadida – Morocco
  • Mohamed DOUIMI, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes – Morocco
  • Mohamed Larbi KERKEB, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tangier – Morocco
  • Mourad OUZIRI, Paris 5 university, Paris – France
  • Najat RAFALIA, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Najoua LABJAR, Mohammed V university, Rabat – Morocco
  • Nazim FATES, National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, Nancy – France
  • Osid Hamid Abdulazeez, The World Islamic Sciences and Education University, Jordan
  • Otmane OMARI, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes – Morocco
  • Ouail EL EMRANI, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tangier – Morocco
  • Safaa ACHOUR, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Said TKATEK, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco
  • Said TRITAH, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tangier – Morocco
  • Saida AMANSOU, Mohamed First University, Oujda – Morocco
  • Saliha EL HAKMI, Mohamed First University, Oujda – Morocco
  • Salmane BOUREKKADI, University of Poitiers, Poitiers – France
  • Samira KHOULJI, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tangier – Morocco
  • Souad El HAJJAJI, Mohammed V university, Rabat – Morocco.
  • Souhail ODEH, University of Beit Lahm, Beit Lahm – Palestine
  • Yong ZHAO, University of Kansas, Lawrence – USA
  • Youness CHAABI, Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture, Rabat – Morocco
  • Youssef FAKHRI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra – Morocco

Author's Guide

Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts through the conference website: Submission Link  

Submission is also accepted via email: 

Template (Word)

Submissions must be original and should not be published previously or under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this conference. There is one step in the submission process: submission of a full paper. Please consider the following guidelines:

  • All submissions should be written in English.
  • Submitted papers must be unpublished and not considered elsewhere for publication.
  • Only electronic submissions in DOC format will be considered.
  • Papers must be 6-8 pages, including references, figures, and tables.

All full paper submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by at least 3 reviewers based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to the conference, contributions, and readability. The full paper submissions will be chosen based on technical merit, interest, applicability. Participants will receive a decision about their manuscripts along with the reviewers’ feedback within 1 – 2 weeks (in most cases) from their submission.

All submissions for research papers will be evaluated along with the following criteria:

  • Theoretical background and development
  • Methodological rigor
  • Insight into challenges and practices of innovation and applied modern science
  • Potential contribution to innovation research
  • Clarity of writing
  • Fit to the conference theme

All papers submitted to ICIES’2020 will be checked for plagiarism including self-plagiarism. If a paper is found to fall in the category of plagiarism, the paper will be automatically rejected. The full papers that are accepted for presentation at the conference will be shared among the conference participants. In addition, a Book of Abstracts will be made published on the conference website.

  • Paper Submission Deadline: October 30th, 2020 November 25th, 2020 
  • Author Notification:  within 1-2 weeks from submission of the manuscript (in most cases).
  • Conference Dates: 25-27 December 2020.

Scope of the Conference:

The ICIES’2020 Conference covers several topics related to the latest research and their importance in innovation in Environmental Studies. The 9th edition revolves around a vision to focus on recent innovative topics in several domains. The covered topics of this conference involve and are not limited to:

  • Environmental Engineering,
  • Green Architecture and Sustainable Energy,
  • Environmental Planning and Environmental Education,
  • Information technology and the Environment,
  • Artificial intelligence and Environmental Studies,
  • Innovative ways of technical science development,
  • Scientific and Methodological Features of Environmental Studies.
  • Innovative solutions for wastewater management,
  • Water and air pollution control,
  • Innovative solutions for recycling and waste disposal,
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies,
  • Energy Management of Municipal Facilities,
  • Innovative solutions for agribusiness and digital agriculture,
  • Energy efficiency and production systems,
  • Environmental management and economics,
  • Logistics & Environmental Solutions.

The conference series has featured keynote talks, special sessions, and workshops.

Regular participants






190 € 

140 € 

120 € 


220 € 

180 € 

180 € 


260 € 

220 € 

200 € 

Participants from Africa






130 € 

100 € 

90 € 


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130 € 

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120 € 

ARSED , EuRSED and FSJESTe Members*






120 € 

100 € 

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180 € 

140 € 

100 € 

 *Participants from the following countries can benefit from up to 50% discount of the Regular participants’ registration fee (the minimum registration fee is €100): Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Central African Republic, Chad, D.R of Congo, Congo, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritania, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Togo, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zambia.

The conference registration fees cover:

  • Admission to all conference sessions.
  • The electronic version of the proceeding.
  • Lunches, and coffee breaks.
  • Admission to the workshops.
  • Electronic and paper training materials.
  • Participation Certificate.


  • Moroccan participants 1Euro = 10 Dirhams.
  • For any additional paper**:  100 euros
  • Accommodation & food*** 20 euros
  • Gala dinner: Students 10 euros/ Others: 20 euros
**Maximum +1 additional paper per author as a corresponding author.
***This is a symbolic fee for the first 60 registered participants (based on the payment receipt). It includes accommodation of 2 nights with breakfasts, and dinners. For late registered participants, accommodation is not supported by the organizing committee (please contact the committee members to help you find a suitable place for your stay during the event).
Abdelali El MekkaouiMoroccoM. LayachiMorocco
Abdelhak AchrafMoroccoMalak BouhazzamaMorocco
Abdelkabir BellaouchouMoroccoMalek HayaniYemen
Abdellatif El AbderrahmaniMoroccoMhamed MouqallidMorocco
Adil AknouchMoroccoMohamed Achraf LaissaouiMorocco
Ahmed TaqiMoroccoMohamed NajyMorocco
Ali Dhaif AllahYemenMohammed FekhaouiMorocco
Alina VysochynaUkraineMokhtar Mohammed  (Additional paper)Yemen
Alona Yevdokymova UkraineMouna HannaouiMorocco
Anass MajdoubiMoroccoMourad TAHA JANANMorocco
Anis SfendlaMoroccoMustapha ZakiMorocco
Aniss MoumenMoroccoNajla FrikhaTunisia
Anna RosokhataUkraineNatalia StoyanetsUkraine
Anna Rosokhata  (Additional paper)UkraineNataliia Letunovska Ukraine
Anna SlobodianykUkraineOleg KliuchnikovRussia
Anouar LechhabMoroccoOleksii LyulyovUkraine
Antoniuk NataliiaUkraineOleksii Lyulyov (Additional paper)Ukraine
Anusree P.S.IndiaOleksii LyuolyovUkraine
Assia. KritihiMoroccoOleksii Lyuolyov (Additional paper)Ukraine
Aziz BabouniaMoroccoOleksii ZakharkinUkraine
Bagad ModFranceOleksii Zakharkin (Additional paper)Ukraine
Borda OmarColombiaOlena ChygrynUkraine
Bouagha MounirFranceOlena KorobetsUkraine
Bourak AliTurkeyOlena RybinaUkraine
Chafik BAKOURMoroccoOlena Rybina (Additional paper)Ukraine
Choya SaadFranceOthmane MAAKOULMorocco
El hassania RahouMoroccoOthmane MAAKOUL  (Additional paper)Morocco
El houcine LAKHOUAJAMoroccoOuail El Imrani Morocco
El houssine ChatriMoroccoP. BalasubramanianIndia
Farah AbdelouhedMoroccoRafik LasriMorocco
Farah Abdelouhed  (Additional paper)MoroccoRamaz KvatadzeGeorgia
Farida SALMOUNMoroccoSalmane BourekkadiFrance
Fatima Zahra SalimMoroccoSara El GhiziMorocco
Fatima Zahra TalbiMoroccoSarah TijaniMorocco
Fatimazahra ElmenouarMoroccoSerhiy LyeonovUkraine
Fida Zair MoroccoSerhiy Lyeonov (Additional paper)Ukraine
Gamal ElhammadiYemenSoh EvenEngland
George AbuselidzeGeorgiaSvitlana KolosokUkraine
George Abuselidze  (Additional paper)GeorgiaSvitlana Kolosok (Additional paper)Ukraine
Ghizlane FattahMoroccoSvitlana PokhylkoUkraine
H. NGADIMoroccoTaha MouradMorocco
Habiba Lebrahimi MoroccoTaha Mourad (Additional paper)Morocco
Hajar ABOUSMoroccoTamara BereziankoUkraine
Hamid ABOUCHADIMoroccoTamara Berezianko (Additional paper)Ukraine
HAMZA NGADI MoroccoTeimuraz DavitashviliGeorgia
Haouassali Abdessamed YemenTetiana BondarUkraine
Hassan CHIKRIMoroccoTetiana VasylievaUkraine
Hassan ECH-CHAFAYMoroccoTetiana Vasylieva (Additional paper)Ukraine
Igor KlioutchnikovRussiaTetyana PimonenkoUkraine
Ihor BasantsovUkraineTetyana Pimonenko (Additional paper)Ukraine
Ihor VakulenkoUkraineTetyana Vasylieva Ukraine
Imane BOUROUHOUMoroccoVadym AleksandrovUkraine
Inga SamkharadzeGeorgiaValeriia Lymar Ukraine
Iryna Didenko  UkraineViktoriia ShcherbachenkoUkraine
Iryna OnopriienkoUkraineViktoriia Shcherbachenko (Additional paper)Ukraine
Iuliia MyroshnychenkoUkraineVolodymyr OnopriienkoUkraine
Kateryna Onopriienko UkraineVolodymyr Onopriienko (Additional paper)Ukraine
KHADIJA OUAISSAMoroccoYaryna SamusevychUkraine
Kseniia VolikUkraineYulia HalynskaUkraine
Lika MegreladzeGeorgiaYurii PetrushenkoUkraine
Linares ElkinColombiaZainab ZRIOUILMorocco

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We warmly invite you to participate in ICIES'2020 and look forward to seeing you in Kenitra, MOROCCO !

ICIES'2020 Venue

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Faculty of Sciences, Ibn tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco
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